Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies out there that prey upon people in a crisis. They know that, when you’re locked out of your car, home or business, you’re likely to panic and call the first listing you see in your Google search.

The most common locksmith scam generally comes from companies advertising “24 hour locksmith services” or “cheap locksmith.” These shady folks will quote a reasonable price to come and unlock your door but, when they get to you, the fees they charge are sometimes 20 times higher than the original quote (from $25 up to $500!).

Time and again we’ve heard stories from people who were quoted “$25 to for the call out plus labor starting at $10 for a basic lock.” That sounds reasonable, right? The problem is, once the locksmith arrives, he/she will say the lock is high security or needs to be replaced. Then, the costs go up dramatically. What you thought would be a $35-$50 fix ends up costing hundreds.

Here’s how to protect yourself:

USE NAMED COMPANIES ONLY– If the company doesn’t have a name, such as Liberty Lock & Security, they probably aren’t legitimate.

ASK FOR LICENSING- Ask the locksmith if they’re licensed. That will usually weed out the scammers from the start.

CASH ONLY IS A DEAL BREAKER– If a company operates on a cash-only basis, they aren’t the real deal. Walk away.

ASK ABOUT ALL CHARGES- First off, demand an estimate. Make sure you don’t let your panic cloud your judgment. Ask about all charges so you understand fully what you’re getting into. Are they going to charge you for time, mileage, emergency hours?

FIND YOUR LOCKSMITH BEFORE YOU NEED ONE- The best possible scenario is to have vetted your locksmith before you need one. Look for a local, reputable business and put their number in your phone so you will know who to call when you have an emergency.

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